Personalisation Becomes a Reality with New Behaviour Responsive Expert Systsems

Behaviour Respnsive Visual Technology

The new behaviour responsive expert systems, developed by the team, is a giant step forward in vacation planning that is a real game changer.

It is so intriguing that it is featured in a full length article is a special edition of the TravelersInsights Magazine, as seen below

The New Differentiation

Hotels and tourism still struggle to distinguish their hotel by market segment, as a result they all end up as the very best hotel for family vacations, couples and also for adventure vacations and so on. These segments are practically platitudes now. What really drives people is their individual tastes and preferences. This is all to do with character. This breakthrough software is all described in the TravellersInsights mag and on its website (link above)

Hotel Character

In the article the team show that Hotels do have have Personality. It is this that makes the system work as hotels are then matched up with individual travellers of like character. It may seem unusual to describe a building in such individual terms. Yet, as the group describes, a resort is a lot more that a brick and mortar structure. There are visitors, staff as well as management that all support its personality. Style, decor, yard, place, price and disposition are taken into consideration. In  the end all hotels can be identified with a characterization that is unique for every property. See details at

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