Personaholidays Vacation Planner is Making Travel Truly Personal

PersonaHolidays is the first truly personal vacation planning and holiday hotel recommendation engine. It is a service that gets to know vacationers personality and matches them with hotels of similar character. It takes the frustration out of vacation booking as it is cut out overload by filtering out properties that do not match in character.

The Artificial Intelligent system analyses travellers and creates a personal profile which is matched to hotels of complementary character. While analyzing travelers behaviour, based on a massive knowledge base of psychological triggers, The AI engine quickly creates a unique travel persona for each visitor. This is then matched with hotels and vacation options that are also branded with travel personas. This helps travellers find holiday that are areal fit for their personality.

The latest research by PhocusWright shows that travel shoppers want a personal recommendation and that they do not want more choice. That is what PersonaHolidays delivers. It is the worlds leading Personal Recommendation engine and Vacation Planner

How it Works

With PersonaHolidays recommendation engine, travellers can search for and find resorts and vacation options that truly match their personal needs and wants. When a traveller visits and select options the AI engine springs into action. It responds to and learns from every click as it builds a travel-personality profile of the user. The travel profile is matched with hotel which are also classified by personality. Results are filtered for the best possible match and are displayed instantly. As travellers select options their profile is adapted and changed and the learning algorithm is updated with each user experience.  The system learns from every traveler and automatically adjust its knowledge base of personas, triggers and character preferences.

The objective is to deliver just a few highly targeted options. In this case it is recommending Port Ferdinand as the Perfect Choice for the Connoisseur traveller who was using the system. This Persona, it says, “Loves total relaxation in the ultimate luxury. Connoisseurs will enjoy the resorts and villas on the west coast of Barbados because of their understated elegance. Here you can be yourself, with your every need catered to by genuine unpretentious staff intent on providing a top-class holiday experience.”

Animated Port Ferdinand Review Video

PersonaHolidays features Port Ferdinate Marina resort BarbadosHere is an example of PersonaHolidays animated hotel reviews done for Port Ferdinand luxury hotel resort and marina in Barbados. In this video we discover what a current guest had to say about her stay in Port Ferdinand Luxury Villa Resort and marina in Barbados.

It is an animation of a 5-star TripAdvisor review of Barbados’ Port Ferdinad Resort by Miss Trave. Miss Trave added the review after a delightful family holiday at the resort. She writes that their vacation was truly wonderful. In the review she shared details of the service, the hospitality and the unforgettable water taxi ride around Saint Peter’s Bay Barbados. The marina with its yachts, she says, “And such beautiful Mediterranean architecture had the feel of Venice.” She also praised the airport vip welcome and the personal help to expedite the family through immigration and customs and onto the resort.

The animated video describes just a small part of the TripAdvisor review. Miss Trave left a very detailed account of the superior service and incredible villas! The entire review may be read on YouTube along with the video.

How Hotels Benefit from PersonaHolidays Brand Marketing

The video review is just one of the services Persona Holidays provides to hotel and resorts. The video Animations can be used to enhance any review or testimonial. It really brings the experience to life, describing in pictures and words the guests holiday experience highlighting their likes and dislikes.

“Animated Review Video reviews are TripAdvisor on steroids” says Ian R Clayton, CEO of Persona Holidays. “We bring personality to the forefront in presenting the distinctive travel brands.” says Clayton.

“PersonaHolidays, is all about personalizing the brand. We use psychological analysis based on Myer Briggs and the Fascination Advantage of Sally Hogshead personal branding. Both are integrated into our Artificial Intelligent persona engine. We create our very own proprietary Travel-Personas for both the vacationer, the host hotel and tourism property.”

Judging by the outstanding feedback and analysis it is clearly working exceptionally well with most guests saying the analysis is spot o. The holiday recommendations save time and eliminate the frustration of having to wave thought acres of data.

PersonaHolidays is for Tourism Destinations, Hotel & Tourism Associations, Chain hotels and online travel planning, marketing and booking services. Who wish to reach more travellers, and get more bookings using the latest behavior analysis,  AI and personality matching technology ….. without having to redesign, rebuild or re-engineer existing system –  or purchase new and  expensive technology. It is a unique solution unlike existing systems that do not provide personal recommendations and overload travelers with too many choices that are not personalized.


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