Marriotts’ Travel Personality Quizz Delivers a Personality Matching Experience

Marriotts' Travel Personality Quizz Delivers a Personality Matching ExperienceMarriotts’ Travel Personalisation initiatives deserve a closer look as it just might be singnalling the next distrution in travel and destination marketing. It comes on the heals of much reserach that shows travelers what more personalisation and that they are frustrated and othen overwhelmed wih options and choices. That is evident by the fact that most travelers visit 30 or more sites before making a booking. Hoplamazian CEO of Hyatt Hotels added another twist saying that an new “area of focus is ensuring that we’re delivering experiences, not just a place to stay, in all of our interactions with our guests”. Again Mariotts new travel personality Qyizz takes steps to determine what experinces go with the various travel persona they identify.

This article takes a closer look at the latest innovations in personality and experience matching and how it is likely to affect hotel and destination marketing in the future. Personalization has been around for some time but not many have got it right to this point. First we need to understand what we mean by personalized travel. It is not just the human touch, and it is not a matter of waving a personal flag; adding the travelers name and their location in the webpage they land on. Trivial cosmetics is not personalization.

Mariotts Travel Personality quizz is a step in the right direction –  it is not alone as several others are now offering a quiz or test to help travelers find the best fit. The disadvantage here is that not all travelers will want to do that and many may abandon the cart before it starts. What is needed is a real behaviour responsive system that analysis a travelers every choice, click and view to understand their interests.

The Application by PersonaHolidays with its FascinatingTravellers appeal has pioneered in this area. Their are no quizzes, instead every move is analyzed by an intelligent system that infers personality. These innovative solutions are making travel planning more personal and it is likly that they will be the next power house in travel marketing, search and bookings. Personalization today is using artificial intelligence, machine learning, behavior analysis and utra fast processing and filtering technology. It includes a predictive engine to capture the visitors intangible desires and deliver a fitting experience. Naturally hotels have to be assessed and characterized to compliment the new paradigm.

Marriotts’ Travel Personality project is an endorsement for PersonaHolidays and all who are moving the travel shopping experience to new heights of personalisation. The PersonaHolidays approach is subtle and does bot require a quizz or assesment for the traveler. It has been Fascinating Travelers by analyzing their needs psychologically before matching them up with complementary hotels and experiences. See more about this Fascinating Prersonality Matching Technology >>>

Personality Matching for holiday experiences was pioneered by RealHolidays early in 1999. It  employed matchmaker tactics to define compatibility. In those early days the system build a matrix of travel persona attributes that got their inspiration from sites like and matchmaker.  It has moved on from those early days to take advantage of the latest web based technologies and advanced computing and intelligence. It blends together personality branding and psychological assessment for hotel properties and their management teams. The assessment are based on the established psychological archetyes from HowToFacinate. The archetypes are integrated with matchmakers tactical words to derive the appropriate travel personas which reflect experiences.

Travel Persona Matching is now available to Independent Destinaion markerters. It can be licensed by hotel chains and destination marketing organization with an easy to apply PersonaHolidays Apps. Hotel associations and Destination Marketing Organizations can begin Fascinating Travelers and get on board today.

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