Bestseller Hospitality Website Messaging Strategies Helps Hotels Win With Online Media

Ians Book Website Marketing Strategies in now available in print. Congrats Ian – We hope this will be an Amazon #1 bestseller just like digital version.

Hotel Website Messaging Strategies is a fun and easy read which is brimming with actionable insights and brand marketing advice that you just will not find in most tourism marketing books books. That is because most are written by academics and not marketers who are up to date with the latest digital technology.  In addition Clayton has studied with the top marketers and strategist to put together the very best ideas, many of them proprietary, to help hoteliers really win with online media.

The book explores the secrets of digital messaging strategy and how to take control of automation when getting attention and engaging guest has become increasing difficult.

Website Messaging Strategies Helps Hotels Win With Online- First book in the series marketing Hotels and Tourism Online 

Beyond Graphics

Hotel WEBSITE Strategies is not about graphical design, layout, white space and color combination. In fact Clayton says graphics don’t sell “it is the message that counts” and far to many web designers just get that wrong. The book examines how to build a strategy for effective communication to influence and entice lookers into bookers. It is about how to laser target your perfect niche and align your brand with your unique opportunities.


Hotel Website Featured in Travel Weekly


Below is some of what TravelWeekly had to say:

“Some of the topics covered in WEBSITE include creating a meaningful Hotel Website strategy, the importance of finding the right message, the travel marketing plan, blogging to help build a travel business, the keys to building traffic, the importance of reputation marketing, the right way to present messages to mobile travelers, video production and the latest strategies, tools and techniques to get more bookings.”

They add: “All ideas are from the perspective of someone who has been there, done that and has learned what it takes to apply these marketing strategies in a way that is specific to the hotel and tourism.”

Clayton has a remarkable background in the hotel marketing world, having helped build the success of other brands and as the CEO of his own tourism development company, AXSES. He has contributed extensively to travel-related websites and blogs with everything from marketing articles to descriptions of his own travel adventures. Ians wealth of knowledge and personal insights into all aspects of hotel and tourism marketing make his book series original and vital.

Book Buyer Video By RealHolidays

One hotel manager commented:

“I particularly like the chapter on Hot-Buttons that inspire and engage the right guests. We have used Ians tactics for reputation marketing and animated review videos with much success.” Margaux Daher, Poinsettia Villas Resort St. Lucia.

Those who purchase the book will also have access to the book members area and receive several bonuses.

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