How BlockChain Can Radially Change Travel & Tourism

How BlockChain Can Radially Change Travel & TourismMarkHat just added a blog on Blockchain. It is going to change the entire way we conduct business. It will change how we transact, how we contract and how we distribute products and services of all kind. It will change travel in fundamental ways. Not only by changing what we do and how we do it but it will most definitely change the players. It will change institutions and particularly middlemen like Online Travel Agents (OTAs).

Here is what Bettina Warburg had to say on her Ted talk when Blockchain was the new boy on the block.

Bettina Warburg know a thing or two. She is a Blockchain researcher, entrepreneur and educator who she has a deep knowledge of how politics, economies and institution are reforming in the advent of massive technology advances: Like Bitcoin and BlockChain.

MarketingHotelsandTourism has been watching this technology for some time, and believes that althought “critical mass” is not here yet, its pace of growth is accelerating and its impact will be radical. They have curated several research papers to summarize the technology and its implication in simple terms that all can understand


The MarkHat article “How BlockChain Can Radically Change Travel” is a composite of several articles one by Tnooz on understanding Blockchain and one by Skift “that goes well below the surface of how to get more direct bookings. In fact we look at a chain of action and technologies that are soon going to disrupt the entire travel bookings landscape. It will make it possible for hotel to completely bypass the OTAs and be readily available for travelers.”

In one case Blockchain is thought of as the emperors new cloths. But, as MarkHat points out the emperor really had no cloths on at the time. It proposes that Blockchain may be stripping away the fabric of distribution. Interesting Food for thought! Click Here for details



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